Are You Thinking Globally When it Comes to Your Internet Marketing? By Robb Beltran

Are you thinking globally when it comes to your internet marketing?
It’s a question I began to ponder as I watched Good Morning America this morning.   They were talking about all these big box stores and their successes and how they deal with customers worldwide.  How are you prepared to deal with or handle customers worldwide?

Living in the Dubuque Iowa area I have grown accustomed to living with out.  Having grown up in Chicago I am now living without stores like the Container store, Crate and Barrel and many more.  It’s the trade off for the quiet life I guess.  I bet I can still buy anything I want from these stores online though, would you agree?  Why, because they are marketing to the global audience.

So how do the small town businesses and services reach out?  The internet and a different approach has got to be your answer.  I see too many great small businesses with unique and hard to get items concentrate too much on the local customer.  They forget about what lies outside of the city limits.  It’s time to break the bubble and get your store online, feature your products and unique service on video and increase your internet marketing capability.

Think about your tourist customer who visited your store once and loved it but now they can’t remember the name of the store, but only the product and city in which they bought it.  Without an online presence they might not be able to ever find you again.  If they did find you, could they order online and continue to buy from you?

Internet marketing is essential to not only branding your company, product or service, but to taking your business to the masses.  In this economy small businesses especially are more likely to get hit hard.  Only an expanded internet marketing campaign and structured global strategy could help.

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