Why Actor Chris Noth is Glad His Family Had Life Insurance

As part of Life Insurance awareness month I thought I would point to the Life Happens website.

Headlining LIAM 2009 is actor and producer Chris Noth, who is best known for his leading roles in Sex and the City and Law & Order. Chris grew up in a life insurance family. Both his father and grandfather were life insurance agents. Sadly, that’s not where Chris’ connection to the life insurance industry ends. When Chris was nine, his father died in a car accident, leaving his mother to raise three boys on her own. The proceeds from his insurance helped Chris’ family during that difficult time and enabled his single, working mother to put all three sons through college. Chris will share his personal experience in a series of television and radio public service announcements that will begin airing in July and continue to be broadcast throughout the remainder of the year. www.lifehappens.org/nothvideo

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